The Benefits To Students When Teacher Use Minecraft In Class For Learning


Contrary to the people beliefs, it has been proven that video games can be used to enhance learning in children. The use of video games in the classroom has been identified to improve the creativity, thinking, and skills of young kids. This has, therefore, prompted many schools to adopt the use of video games as the results of using them are amazing.Among the most preferred game is the Minecraft as it has numerous features suitable for learning. The Minecraft game is a three-dimensional sandbox game played by a single person and requires one to mine raw materials to use in crafting valuable items.  The player can freely select the way in which they want to play the game as it does not feature any special objectives. The player enjoy the game by making structures and objects using blocks that represent many things. Therefore, the player’s creativity is improved.The following are ways on which Minecraft is beneficial to a kid in the classroom.

To replicate structures is one of the benefits of using Minecraft game in class.As the game is used as a platform to create objects and structures, teachers can use this to help kids to replicate the real-life monuments and structures. From this, it becomes easier for students to reenact events.

Minecraft is also used as a visualization tool as well as writing assistance tool. Student develop skills of storytelling by using Minecraft game as it is excellent as a storytelling visual aid. Through this, students replenish their character swiftly as they can easily create stories.Therefore, from experience in building boxes in the game, children can develop a special skill to imagine things as they tend to recreate what they read and learn when playing the game.

When using Minecraft game in the class, cooperation among the students is enhanced. The other advantage of the use of Minecraft gaming in class is that student develop skills to work together as a team by cooperation.  To accomplish this, the teacher sets up some parameters required to achieve a certain objective which the students are to work as a team achieve these set goals. By doing this, the student work as a team and they become competitive when necessary. Besides, the students can be grouped by their teacher and each group provided with a challenge to compete with other groups thus making them work together.  By doing that, there will be teamwork and cooperation among the group members.

To enrich learning and to make it enjoyable, teachers are urged to include Minecraft in the classroom. This is because creativity will be enhanced in students more, you can also read more now here!


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